Inscription on inside cover of book
To dear June, Happy cooking! Much love, Ma. Christmas 1969.

So reads the inscription inside my copy of Cookery in Colour, a pre-loved edition of the 1960 cookbook edited by British home economist, Marguerite Patten.

Flipping through the pages in my local thrift store, I was immediately taken in by the creative, bright and garish layouts (it’s not called “Cookery in Colour” for nothing). Antiquated language, retro food photography and a range of bizarro recipes sealed the deal — this book was coming home.

Cookery in Colour intro page
Colourful photos and lettering on the title page of Cookery in Colour.

The title page is worth 1,000 words in describing exactly what to expect from this cookbook.

It didn’t take long for curiosity to get the better of me. Would Iced Cherry Soup taste as bad as it sounds? What about Tomato Fish Moulds? I had to know.

I decided that not only was I, Carla, going to test out a few of these strange recipes, I was going to attempt every single one — all 1,086 of them. And Cookery in Carla was born.

If you haven’t worked it out by now, Cookery in Carla is a retro food blog focused primarily on recreating the recipes found in Cookery in Colour. I am not a skilled cook, and I am embarking on this project purely for my own entertainment. I hope that you might find it entertaining too.

Thanks for visiting. In the words of Marguerite Patten, “I hope that it will provide an incentive to try all sorts of dishes you haven’t met before.”

Happy cooking!
Much love,
January 2019